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Eastwood Elementary School

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Information for Yearly Registration Updates and Address Verification for Current Students

InfoSnap will open to complete yearly registration updates for current students on May 1, 2018, via the main Decatur City Schools website (

On-site aid will be available to assist with address verification, InfoSnap, and computer usage. The Assistance Center will be open from June 11–July 12 from 8 AM–4 PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at the Center for Alternative Programs located at 406 2nd Ave. SE.

Address verification should be submitted for all students moving between the following grades:

  • from 2nd to 3rd grade,
  • from 5th to 6th grade,
  • from 7th to 8th grade (AHS feeder pattern only),
  • from 8th to 9th grade (DHS feeder pattern only),
  • and from 11th to 12th grade at either high school.

Address verification will begin on May 1st and may be completed by providing a utility bill dated from May 2018 forward. Verification of the above-mentioned grade levels must be completed before school starts in August.

It is very important to be sure you complete yearly registration updates as soon as possible once registration opens on May 1st! Thank you for your help.