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Mrs. Jessica Grantland » Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

  ARRIVAL TO SCHOOL – School begins at 7:45. Students arriving between 7:20 and 7:30 must go to the cafeteria.

  LATE ARRIVALS - When arriving to school late (after 7:45) the child must go to the office to get a tardy pass before entering the classroom.

  MORNING ROUTINE – Our mornings are extremely busy. The students come in, unpack their backpacks, empty their binders, and begin working/reading at their desks. I will certainly help them the first week or so. After that, I will expect them to follow our classroom routine by themselves.

  FIRST GRADE DATA BINDER – The items in this binder are very important. Graded papers, notes, handouts from the office/PTA, etc. will be sent home in this notebook. Please check itdaily. Please put any correspondence for me in your child’s front pouch. It will be their responsibility to check the notebook each morning and see if there is anything from you to me. There will be a tray on my desk for all correspondence from you.

  LUNCH MONEY – It is much easier on your child if you send money to be deposited into your child’s account on a weekly or monthly basis. A student lunch is $2.25; breakfast is $1.25.  First grade teachers ask that the students limit their purchase of "extra" items, such as ice cream or chips to Thursdays only. This makes Thursday a special day, and promotes healthy eating habits.  The price of these items is deducted off the student's lunch account.

*If you plan to eat lunch with your child, please send a note or call the school that morning.  Visitors pay as they go through the line. An adult lunch is $3.25. Please give us a few weeks to learn our lunch routine before visiting for lunch. After that, you are welcome any time!!

  MONEY – All money must be sent in an envelope, or zip top bag with your child’s name and a short description of what the money is for. There are times when I am taking up lunch money, field trip money, T-shirt money, etc., all at the same time. Each envelope MUST be labeled. I will not accept money that is just handed to me without any information as to where it belongs. Any money sent to school should be stored in the zipper pocket at the front of the Data Binder. 

EARLY CHECKOUT– If you plan to check your child out early, please send me a note or email early in the day so that I can have your child’s assignments ready upon your arrival. For safety reasons, when checking your child out early, please go to the office, not the classroom. The office will notify me of your arrival.  Our office must monitor every person coming into and leaving the school grounds.

  ABSENCES - If your child is absent, please send a note or a doctor’s excuse the day he/she returns stating the reason for your child’s absence.  These are sent to the office. Most make-up work is taken care of at school during your child’s break time. On occasion, I will need to send some home.

   DISMISSAL – Our school day ends at 2:45. Day Care students are picked up by a support person and taken to the bus stop. Walkers and bike riders are dismissed out back at 2:42 usually to an older sibling or in sight of a parent. Extended Day students walk down the hall to the cafeteria. Bus riders are lined up in the hallway outside the cafeteria until the bus arrives. All other first graders will sit with their teacher in the foyer and wait for their number to be called as their vehicle gets close to the doorway.  Be sure to have your child’s pick-up number on the front windshield of your car.  TRANSPORTATION CHANGES– Any time your child’s dismissal changes, I must have a written note (or message from the office) from you. If I do not have a note or a message that you have called the office, your child will be dismissed according to his usual dismissal.

  BIRTHDAYS – Birthdays are very special times and everyone likes to celebrate! However, we are not allowed to have birthday parties at school. If your child would like to hand out birthday party invitations at school, that is allowed as long as each student in the class will be receiving one. Otherwise, you will have to handle that away from school. You may send a special snack for the class on the day of your child’s birthday. Please email me to coordinate a time.

  MEDICATION – I am not allowed to give any medication to the students. If your child must have on-going medication, (even cough drops) please fill out the medication authorization form in the office. This form must have a doctor’s signature in order for the office to administer the medication. All medication should be delivered to the nurse or office worker. If you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact the office.

  PARENT VOLUNTEERS – Parent volunteers are welcome in my room. I like to have help with special snacks on special days, volunteers for field trips, and various classroom needs. Please let me know how you are able to help. Anything that you do will be greatly appreciated.

FIELD TRIPS - Going on a field trip with the class is a privilege. Since it is a privilege, children who have exhibited inappropriate classroom behavior consistently may not be permitted to participate. If a student cannot control their behavior in class, in a familiar environment, they most likely would be out of control on a field trip. It would be unfair to the other students if one student caused disturbances or failed to follow directions on the field trip. It may become necessary for the child to  be left with another class while we attend the field trip.



E-MAIL – My e-mail address is This is a great way to reach me. I check my school e-mail two times a day. 

PHONE – If you need to talk with me, please call the school. I will call you during my next available break or after school, depending on the time you call and the time I receive the message.